"Sammy", born 1953 in Coolidge, Georgia - Thomas County
Lived in Coolidge til 1963, Lived in Athens, Georgia 1963-1966
Snellville, Georgia 1966-1994, Athens, Georgia 1994 to Present

My motto is "Walk by Faith, Not by Sight"

Counseling in Athens Georgia
Clinical Evaluations in Athens Georgia


Athens, Georgia Office  (706) 543-3969
FAX (706) 543-6400
Loganville, Georgia Office (770) 466-7374
FAX (770) 466-8980

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
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Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC)
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National Certified Counselor (NCC)
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Registered Clinical Evaluator, DHR,  C-45301
DHR DUI Intervention Provider, DHR T-32901
Certified Job Coach/Development
Behavior Specialist

Graduate of The University of Georgia, Department of Adult Education, Ed.S.

Graduate of The University of Georgia, Department of Counseling and Human Development, Rehabilitation Program. M.Ed.
Studied Client-Centered Therapy and the Person-Centered Approach with
Jerold D. Bozarth, Ph.D.  Supervised for licensure and certification by Jerold D. Bozarth, Ph.D.,Professor Emeritus, The University of Georgia

Graduate of Mercer University, Atlanta,
Human Services Administration. B.S.

Graduate of DeKalb Community College,
Education, A.S.
Business Administration. A.S.

At Present:
Offices in Athens and Loganville, Georgia
Person-Centered Therapy/Family Counseling, Director, Psychotherapist.  Practice includes online services, with experience in online services since 1996.
Experience in distance group and individual interpersonal communications since 1976

Person-Centered Court Services, LLC
Risk Reduction Program #9150, Owner/Director
DUI Intervention Program, Treatment Provider
Clinical Evaluator
Family Violence Intervention Program

Athens Pins and Apparel Inc.
Discount Pin Store
Marketing, Internet Technology, co-founder

2001 Medical College of Georgia,
Georgia Correctional HealthCare
Behavior Specialist

1999-2000 State prison (county work camp), Athens, Ga.
Anger Management Facilitator
Stress Reduction Facilitator
Job Skills Development Instructor
Public Service of Person-Centered International

1998 Chair, Athens-Clarke County Commission on People with Disabilities
1997 Vice-chair

1995 President, Athens Council of the Blind

Professional Interests:
Working with people who are blind and visually impaired.
Working with prisoners, probationers, and parolees
Working with people who are considered "impossible" cases that
have fallen through the cracks of various helping systems.

Bringing computer technology to the fields of Education, Advocacy, and to people with disabilities.

I have been using and working with computers since 1983.  I have used
wireless email, teletype, RTTY, and ASCII since 1985. I am Amateur Radio Operator AA4TV, Amateur Extra Class.  I also enjoy collecting antiques, studying
history and georgraphy.

I have a visual impairment known as Retinitis Pigmentosa, RP for short.  I have
had this disorder all my life.  It was first detected when I was five years old as part of a required eye exam before entering the first grade.  RP has been identified in 50 different varieties.

I am open for discussion of my visual impairment if anyone is interested, so please contact me via email.

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